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Announcement: The launch of TOKYO JUNIOR PLAYHOUSE

MEME English Garden will be launching this year the Tokyo Junior Playhouse — a new, all-English community youth theatre for young actors of ages 8 through 18, and the playhouse will be hosting a spring drama day camp on 30 March 2012. This will serve as an introductory session to announce the launch of this group to the kids in and around Tokyo. At Tokyo Junior Playhouse’s first Drama Day Camp children will experience the excitement of acting, work in an ensemble and develop their appreciation of this unique art form through this fun-filled, hands-on activities!

Date: 30 March 2012

Location: Odakyu line Gotokuji (Setagaya)
Age: 5 to 15
Direct your inquiries to:
Or call 090-2459-2209

The Tokyo Junior Playhouse’s mission is to creatively enriches the lives of youth by offering education in the art and craft of theatre written for youth, performed by youth and presented to the public. Its mission statement is as follows:

Self-Confidence: We enhance students’ life-long ability to express themselves with clarity and conviction.

Friendship: We provide a safe environment where students interact and form lasting relationships.

Responsibility: We promote a team environment in which students rely on each other and themselves to fulfill their goals.

Creativity: We foster individuality and unique ideas expressed on stage and beyond.

Inclusiveness: We make programs and performances accessible to all.

Fun: We believe that theatre arts should be enjoyable and that FUN is essential to our quality of life.


More information can be found on its facebook page at:
All updates will be posted on the facebook page until its website is up and running.
Please feel free to contact Nami Sasaki if you have any inquiries.

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Is Japan’s Uniqlo the Next Great American Retailer?

Is Japan’s Uniqlo the Next Great American Retailer?

From the Article:

“Uniqlo, the Japanese apparel retailer this week is opening a three-story, 89,000-square-foot flagship store on the corner of 5th Avenue and 53rd St. in Manhattan. The chain, which opened its first U.S. store in lower Manhattan in 2006, last year signed a $300 million, 15-year lease for the space, formerly the location of a Brooks Brothers store. It was reported to be the most expensive retail lease in New York’s history.

And Uniqlo is likely coming to a mall near you in the near future. “We are looking at real estate in different cities throughout the United States, and our intention is to open stores in every major city,” Shin Odake, Uniqlo’s U.S. CEO tells me in the accompanying video. The company has spoken of its desire to open 200 stores in the U.S.”

This is nice. I love this store. It’s what the Gap used to be, really nice, dirt-cheap, fashionable clothing!

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Radiation Spikes in Tokyo Neighborhood

Radiation Spikes in Tokyo Neighborhood

An extraordinarily high level of radiation was detected in one spot in a central Tokyo residential district Thursday, prompting the local government to cordon off the small area, local officials said.


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