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In today’s age of $100+ barrels of oil and $300 gasoline tax surcharges on fares, cheap flights to Japan are becoming increasingly difficult to find. However, here are a few tips on how to find the cheapest flights available.

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Fly during Off-peak Seasons

There are certain peak Japanese travel seasons that cause flights to Japan to be more expensive than normal. Specifically, air fares tend to be particularly pricey during Japan’s Golden Week (the stretch of Japanese holidays that falls during the last week in April and the first week of May), the end of the year (New Year’s holiday), and mid-summer (when many Japanese take summer vacations). Avoid these dates and travel off-peak in order to save on your flight to Japan.

Use a Japanese Travel Agency

Japanese travel agencies frequently offer lower fares to Japan than their foreign counterparts. Two notable travel agencies with overseas branches located throughout the world are HIS and JTB. If these agencies do not have a branch in your locale, try their Web sites for the latest travel deals.

Japan Travel Packages

The above Japan travel agencies and others may also offer reasonably priced all-inclusive Japan travel packages that include air fare, hotel, and sightseeing. Once again, check their offices or Web sites for specifics.

Stay Aware of Airline Industry Fare Trends

Though not Japan specific, be aware that industry-wide fares can fluctuate at any time for a number of reasons. Therefore, when looking into airfares to Japan, be aware that a quoted high fare may go down in the near future, and conversely, a low fare available today may go up tomorrow, so use your best judgment and buy when the price is right for you.

Use a Discount Travel Search Engine

The best way to stay on top of changing fares and quickly find cheap flights to Japan is to use a travel search engine, such as Kayak, Sidestep, or Expedia, which will enables you to search multiple travel sites at once and easily compare fares of different airlines.

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The days of $400 round-trip fares to Japan may be gone, but the above tips will help you find the best cheap flights to Japan available today.


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