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Japan minshuku are Japanese-style bed and breakfast accommodations, and are ideal for budget-minded travelers looking for cozy lodgings in a friendly, family-like atmosphere.

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Overview of Japanese Minshuku and Pensions

A typical minshuku is a home that has been converted into guest lodgings. Rooms are Japanese-style, and guests sleep on futons. Restrooms and Japanese-style baths are shared by the guests. Japanese home-style meals, usually breakfast and dinner, are prepared by the hosts, and usually enjoyed together in a communal dinning room.

Although commonly enjoyed by travelers in rural areas, minshuku can also be found in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Japan’s other major cities.

Japanese pensions are similar to minshuku, except that accommodations are Western-style rather than Japanese-style.

Room rates for minshuku and pensions typically range from around 3,000 yen to 10,000 per night, depending upon the season and location.

A stay at a Japanese minshuku or pension offers a great opportunity to interact with your Japanese hosts and fellow guests in a friendly, informal setting!

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