Japanese Sweets and Japanese Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’re going to love Japanese sweets and desserts. In Japan you’ll find an amazing array of delectable sweets, including everything from traditional sweets like taiyaki and dango to imported sweets and desserts like cake, ice cream, candy and crepes, all of which have been refined into a uniquely Japanese style and flavor.

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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Traditional Japanese Sweets and Snacks called “wagashi” in Japanese, are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. Often created in the shape of leaves, flowers, and other items of nature, wagashi represents Japan’s four distinct changing seasons and appeals to all five of the human senses.

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Japanese Desserts

What do Japanese people eat for dessert? In addition to their traditional sweets, Japanese people love to eat cake, ice cream, crepes, donuts, and an assortment of candy. Below are just some of the many types of desserts that are commonly enjoyed in Japan.

Japanese Cake is actually much like Western-style cake. Many of the flavors are the same as the popular flavors enjoyed overseas. Cake in Japan has just the right amount of delicate sweetness. Many people, after experiencing Japanese-style cake, return to find that the cake they eat back home is too sweet!

Japanese Bread
Many visitors are pleasantly surprised to find little European-style bread bakeries all over Japan. In addition to the rustic bread varieties you would expect, these bakeries also serve up many sweet breads which make for great desserts.

Japanese Crepes
Japanese love this traditional French dessert, as evident by the many crepe shops and stands that can be found all over Japan serving up an amazing variety of sinfully sweet and fruity flavor combinations.

Japanese Ice Cream
Although milk and dairy products are not originally part of the traditional Japanese diet, today ice cream is a popular treat in Japan. Japanese ice cream treats include uniquely flavored gelato, smooth and delicious soft serve ice cream, mochi ice cream, and many other creative ice cream varieties.

Japanese Donuts
You may be surprised to learn that Japanese people love donuts! Popular chains like Mister Donut attract crowds of donut lovers. And new upscale gourmet donuts and baked donuts are also gaining popularity in Japan.

Japanese Candy
Most fans of things Japan are now familiar with Pocky, Japan’s most popular candy, but Japan’s candy aisles are filled with a staggering assortment of tasty treats that go far beyond the slim chocolate-covered sticks.

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Keep checking back as we continue to update our guide to Japanese Sweets and Desserts!

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