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As its name suggests, the Narita Express (NEX) is an express train, operated by JR Railways, that connects Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Tokyo and Yokohama, and is the fastest means of getting into Tokyo from the airport.

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Overview of NEX

The NEX runs once per hour during normal hours, and every 30 minutes during peak travel hours. The ride from the airport to Tokyo Station requires just under an hour, while the trip to Yokohama Station takes about an hour and a half.

The NEX fare from the airport to Tokyo is about 3,000 yen, and about 4,000 for travel into Yokohama.

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How to Purchase Tickets for the NEX

Foreign passport holders can also purchase the JR Narita-Express-Suica card package for 3,500 yen. 1,500 yen of the package covers the NEX one-way fare to the greater Tokyo metro area while 1,500 yen is put on the Suica card, which can also be replenished for additional travel later. The remaining 500 is a refundable deposit for the card.

The Suica prepaid card is a new Japan rail travel convenience card that can be used for train and bus fares throughout the Tokyo metro area, as well as for certain shops, such as convenience stores, that accept the card as a form of payment.

The NEX Suica card is sold exclusively at Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2.

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