Yokohama Marine Tower

Despite living in Yokohama for three years and visiting Yamashita Park almost every weekend, it was only yesterday that I finally took the opportunity to view the city of Yokohama from atop Yokohama Marine Tower. I’m glad I did.

This little sightseeing excursion actually wasn’t planned. I was having lunch with my friend Nami-san at The Bund restaurant at the base of the tower (which was excellent by the way), when a friend of hers who worked there stopped by and gave us two free tickets to the tower’s observation deck 100 meters high.


IMG 2137 Yokohama Marine Tower


Very grateful for this unexpected offer, we rode the elevator up to the top of the tower. Blessed with a beautiful clear day, the tower provided some amazing views of the city of Yokohama, Yamashita Park below, Bay Bridge, and Minato Mirai.


IMG 2139 Yokohama Marine Tower


IMG 2135 Yokohama Marine Tower


Although not nearly as tall as the new Tokyo Sky Tree or even Tokyo Tower, if you’re in the area and visibility is clear, you’ll definitely enjoy a great view of the beautiful city of Yokohama with a quick trip up Yokohama Marine Tower!

Normal admission is 750 yen for adults.

For more info, check out the English website.

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