Internet Access in Japan

As you might imagine, Internet access in Japan is readily available throughout the country’s urban areas. In order to the access the Internet in Japan, you have several options to choose from.

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Japan Internet Access – Hotels

More and more hotels in Japan either include Internet service as part of the room rate, or offer it for an additional fee. In particular, most Japanese business hotels provide Internet access as part of their facilities, so business hotels are a great option if you need readily available Internet access. Wherever you choose to stay, your best bet is to check Internet availability with each hotel or lodging option prior to booking your stay.

Free Japan Wi-Fi Hot Spots

FreeSpot is a service that provides free Wi-Fi Internet hot spots throughout Japan. These hot spots are accessible using properly equipped and configured computers and wireless devices. Check this map for a list of specific Wi-Fi locations in your area.

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Japan Internet Cafes

Another great option for accessing the Internet in Japan are Internet cafes, which are more commonly known in Japan as manga cafes, or manga kissa (マンガ喫茶). These cafes can be found all over Tokyo and in Japan’s other major cities. For a low hourly fee of about a couple hundred yen per hour, users can rent out a computer terminal with a high-speed Internet connection to check e-mail and surf the net. These terminals usually come equipped with a comfortable reclining chair and sometimes even a private booth (such as shown in the above photo). The hourly usage fee also normally includes all the free coffee, tea, soft drinks and Japanese manga you can consume.

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Japanese Cell Phones (Keitai Denwa)

If you’re going to be staying in Japan for any length of time, you may want to look into renting a cell phone (called keitai denwa in Japanese), particularly if you’re in Japan on business. And if you’re going to be living in Japan, such as for teaching English or study at a school, a cell phone is a must have.

Most cell phone calling plans in Japan include options for Internet service, and Japanese tend to rely heavily on their cell phones for their Internet access in Japan.

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