Japan Business Hotels

Though Japan business hotels are so-named because they cater ideally to the needs of traveling Japanese businesspeople, they are actually available to all travelers, and are a great option for budget-minded travelers who prefer Western-style accommodations.

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Features of Business Hotels in Japan

Business hotels are conveniently located throughout Japan. They offer basic but comfortable rooms, with amenities normally including a bed, private shower, desk, broadband Internet, vending machines, and sometimes a light breakfast.

Two leading chains of business hotels in Tokyo and throughout Japan are Toyoko Inn and APA Hotel.

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Business Hotel Room Rates

Business hotel rates range from about 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen, depending upon location, season, and number of persons renting the room. In Japan, also be aware that room rates are typically per person rather than per room.

One final word of note about Japanese business hotels. The rooms can be quite small!That being said, if all you require while traveling around Japan are basic, comfortable accommodations without all the fancy frills, business hotels are a smart, affordable option!

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