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Japanese Culture…One of the coolest aspects of traveling to Japan is discovering the many ways in which Japan’s traditional and modern cultures appear to mesh together seamlessly.

Daily life scenes like an ultra-modern high-rise building right next to an ancient temple, a group of young girls clad in colorful yukata summer kimono texting messages on a train as they head to a fireworks display, or a hard-core punk rocker speaking in the polite, formal “keigo” style of Japanese while being interviewed on TV somehow just seem to make sense in Japan.

In the EJG Japanese Culture section, you’ll find a wealth of information on Japanese culture and customs, as well as Japan’s unique holidays, festivals, fashions, events, and more!

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Japanese Customs

Japan has many customs that are quite a departure from the way things are done in the West. Learn about Japan’s customs of eating, bathing, bowing, conducting business, weddings, funerals, and more. Learn More…

bullet4 Discover Bowing in Japan
bullet4 Discover Removing Shoes in Japan
bullet4 Discover Japanese Gift Giving
bullet4 Discover Japanese Bathing
bullet4 Discover Japanese New Year Customs

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Japanese Etiquette, Manners, and Mannerisms

Japanese culture is well known for its emphasis on proper manners and etiquette. Impress your Japanese hosts with your knowledge and mastery (or at least well-appreciated attempt!) of proper Japanese etiquette and familiarity with Japanese mannerisms. Learn More…

bullet4 Discover Japanese Eating Customs
bullet4 Discover Japanese Business Etiquette
bullet4 Discover Japanese Manners and Mannerisms


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Cool Japan Stuff

This section of our website is reserved simply for uniquely cool Japan stuff. If it’s cool, if it’s Japan or Japanese, and if it’s stuff, then you’ll find it right here! Learn More…

bullet4 Discover Japanese Vending Machines
bullet4 Discover Japanese Depachika
bullet4 Discover Japanese Convenience Stores
bullet4 Discover Kaiten Sushi


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Facts About Japan

Learn some some basic fast facts of Japan, find links to more detailed facts about Japan, and even check out some amusing fun facts about Japan. Learn More…

bullet4 Discover Earthquakes in Japan
bullet4 Discover Islands of Japan
bullet4 Discover Geography of Japan
bullet4 Discover Climate of Japan
bullet4 Discover Weather in Japan
bullet4 Discover Population of Japan


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Japanese Holidays

Did you know that both Valentine’s Day and Christmas are celebrated in Japan, but with some unique Japanese twists?
Learn more about these and other traditional Japanese holidays…

bullet4 Discover Japanese New Year
bullet4 Discover Christmas in Japan
bullet4 Discover Golden Week

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Japanese Festivals and Events

From cherry blossoms in the spring, fireworks in the summer, and ice sculptures in the winter, there is a full calendar of Japanese festivals and eventsto be enjoyed year round.

bullet4 Discover Kawagoe Matsuri
bullet4 Discover Cherry Blossom Festivals
bullet4 Discover Firework Displays
bullet4 Discover Sapporo Snow Festival
bullet4 Discover Hakata Gion Yamakas Festival
bullet4 Discover Jidai Matsuri
bullet4 Discover Aoi Matsuri
bullet4 Discover Chichibu Night Festival
bullet4 Discover Takayama Festival
bullet4 Discover Tokyo Auto Show
bullet4 Discover Tokyo Game Show


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Japan Fashion Trends

Harajuku, kogyaru, gothic lolita, cosplay and hime. Stay on top of the ever-changing but always cutting-edge Japanese fashion trends.

bullet4 Discover Harajuku Fashion
bullet4 Discover Shibuya Fashion
bullet4 Discover Ginza Fashion
bullet4 Discover Hime Fashion
bullet4 Discover Kawaii Fashion
bullet4 Discover Mori Fashion
bullet4 Discover Kogyaru Fashion
bullet4 Discover Amura Fashion
bullet4 Discover Kimono Fashion
bullet4 Discover Costume Play (Cosplay) Fashion


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Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese traditional culture is kimono, kabuki, temples, and tea. Japanese pop culture is video games, anime, manga, gravure idols, and pop music. In recent years, the popularity of Japanese pop culturehas exploded worldwide. Find out what all of the hype is about!

bullet4 Discover Japanese Video Games
bullet4 Discover Japanese Manga
bullet4 Discover Japanese Anime
bullet4 Discover Japanese Idols
bullet4 Discover Japanese Pop Music


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Japanese Trends

Check out Japan’s latest trendsin games, gadgets, TV shows, electronics, autos, foods, fashions, and more.

bullet4 Discover Japanese Electronics
bullet4 Discover Japanese Gadgets
bullet4 Discover Japanese TV
bullet4 Discover Japanese Food Trends
bullet4 Discover Japanese Fashion Trends

Keep checking back as we continue to update our Japanese Culture section with more and more great cultural info!

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